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High School

Zoom Meetings 2020-2021 through January 2021. One on one with individual girls during September - January. ​ In Februay 2021, we had our first face-to-face club meeting.

Normal club meetings resume in September 2021. Check Events page for dates.

Healy Murphy
Seton Home

Seton Home


Meetings--Twice Monthly-Thursdays, 6:30

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Life-on-life mentoring is at the very heart of YoungLives. Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in matters of faith, parenting and self-worth. This investment of time and heart has empowered positive, sustainable change in the lives of these beautiful families for nearly 25 years. We have seen teen moms achieve their education and career goals, become more confident in parenting, and live lives rooted deeply in a new relationship with Christ. ​ Discipleship addresses the second half of our mission statement: "helping teen moms to grow in their faith."

Teen Moms

YoungLives​ uses mentoring, bible study, and a variety of other discipleship methods to instill in each teen mom core values about herself, her child, her relationships, and her world. ​

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